In The Press

SunJack has gained the attention of press and media for its powerful charging speeds and humanitarian efforts. Please contact us if you’re interested in reviewing the SunJack® and seeing how we’re bringing power to the people. 


As Seen On

Travel + Leisure, rated 15W ‘Best for Phones” rated the 25W panel as “Most Durable”

ZDNet rated the 25W panel “Best Overall”

15W panel rated “Best for Backpacking”


"Perfect for hiking, camping, or other outdoor activities"



"Sunjack is a trusted name in solar panels, and it’s high quality for the price point."


"SunJack has supplied portable solar panels that will be distributed to populations without access to electricity"


Voted best rugged solar Charger. “This three-panel solar charger is rugged, weatherproof and highly portable”

“The rugged and waterproof ETFE-coated design is a cut above most other panels.” 

“If you live in an area that is prone to power outages, this could be a lifesaver providing emergency power.”

SunJack® units are also out in the field and in use by non-profit organizations such as WorldVision, Americares, and GRID Alternatives. If you are a humanitarian organization that could benefit from portable power, please contact us – we support your endeavors of doing good in the world!