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SunJack® has gained the attention of press and media for its powerful charging speeds and humanitarian efforts. Please contact us if you’re interested in reviewing the SunJack® and seeing how we’re bringing power to the people.

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"Perfect for hiking, camping, or other outdoor activities when your grad may not be near an electrical outlet."

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" Sunjack is a trusted name in solar panels, and it’s high quality for the price point. All it needs is some suitable power banks and sufficient time to charge. "

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"SunJack has supplied portable solar panels that will be distributed to populations without access to electricity that have not received support in ages, if ever."

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Voted Best Rugged Solar Charger.

“This three-panel solar charger is rugged, weatherproof and highly portable ... It should stand up to a significant amount of outdoor abuse.”

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“The rugged and waterproof ETFE-coated design is a cut above most other panels too, delivering top efficiency and improved drop protection.”

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“If you live in an area that is prone to power outages, this could be a lifesaver providing emergency power for your cell phone. All-in-all, this is a great portable solar power solution.”

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“... the 25W portable solar panel unit by SunJack is a great product ... SunJack hit another one out of the park”

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Voted Best Solar Charger for Phones

“The SunJack 15 Watt Foldable ETFE Solar Panel is a cost efficient option that’s both compact and powerful”

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Voted Top Brand

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Best Solar phone chargers of 2022

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“Changing the Game for Portable Solar Chargers”
“Ideal for preppers who want to have portable power available”
“… take a close look at the SunJack 14 and 20 Watt solar panels. You won’t be disappointed.”
“SunJack’s impressive power outperformed other solar panels in our trail tests.”
“…with the SunJack the charging speed was identical to the wall charger.”
“…light weight, durable, and can easily be tucked into a backpack.”
“Once in awhile we come across some pretty neat products, but this one is definitely on deck for my most anticipated for an upcoming summer of festivals, traveling, and camping.”
“The SunJack sounds like a pretty good product for those love the great outdoors, but love their gadgets as well.”
“A new fold-up solar panel joins the field of notable global development crossover devices”
“Portable solar power with a punch”

SunJack® units are also out in the field an in use by non-profit organizations such as WorldVision, Americares, and GRID Alternatives. If you are a humanitarian organization that could benefit from portable power, please contact us – we support your endeavors of doing good in the world!