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Educational Resources

  • SunJack and African Woman Rising

    We recently had the opportunity, and honor, to help supply solar power to refugee camps in Uganda through African Woman Rising, a non-profit organization that works to empower women affected by war with the tools to rise out of extreme poverty.
  • Oh The Places You Can Go … With Your SunJack

    When looking to purchase a portable solar panel, you may ask yourself “where will I use such a device?” The better question might be where you cann...
  • How Does a Solar Charger Work?

    A portable solar charger can come in handy in so many situations. We live in a digital world and count on our phones, tablets, and laptops 24/7 to ...
  • Can a Portable Solar Charger Adequately Charge Your Devices?

    Portable solar panels can charge several different types of devices while you enjoy your outdoor activities. Our rugged, durable and weatherproof f...
  • The Benefits of ETFE Technology

    When comparing portable solar panels there are many obvious things to consider, such as size, weight and how much power the panel produces. But the...