About Us

Our Mission
We seek to provide portable energy independence to people around the globe. From powering first world luxuries to basic living essentials, we recognize the power in having your own, renewable energy source that is engineered to perform, crafted to last, and designed to make life better.

Giving Back

SunJack solar panels have proven to be a reliable tool for many people and organizations around the world. Beyond charging our first-world luxuries, SunJack also helps to improve lives world-wide through various non-profit organizations, supplying power to impoverished countries. SunJack has been used by many non-profit organizations such as African Woman Rising, WorldVision, Americares, GRID Alternatives. If you are a humanitarian organization that could benefit from portable power, please contact us – we support your endeavors of doing good in the world!


Our History
The SunJack story started in sunny California in 2014. At the time, portable solar chargers were not very powerful, and the powerful ones were not portable. To combat this problem, SunJack was born. SunJack’s mission is simple: to deliver a durable and powerful solar charger in a compact size. Designed and engineered in the USA, SunJack is the perfect accessory for your active lifestyle and is essential for any disaster, emergency, and hurricane prep kit for survival. Since our beginning, SunJack has gained the attention of press and media worldwide for its combination of durability and powerful charging speeds. Charge your phones, tablets and all your USB devices during your outdoor adventures. With SunJack as your personal power companion, simply plug in and power up. Never be caught without power.