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SunJack’s mission is simple: to deliver a durable and powerful solar charger in a compact size. Designed and engineered in the USA, SunJack is the perfect accessory for your active lifestyle and is essential for any disaster, emergency, and hurricane prep kit for survival. Since our beginning, SunJack has gained the attention of press and media worldwide for its combination of durability and powerful charging speeds.

What the press is saying:

  • “The rugged and waterproof ETFE-coated design is a cut above most other panels too, delivering top efficiency and improved drop protection.” - The Independent
  • “If you live in an area that is prone to power outages, this could be a lifesaver providing emergency power for your cell phone. All-in-all, this is a great portable solar power solution.” - The Gadgeteer
  • “This three-panel solar charger is rugged, weatherproof and highly portable ... It should stand up to a significant amount of outdoor abuse.” - Forbes

Join the SunJack Affiliate Network and become an integral part of the renewal energy community! Here are our top reasons for joining the SunJack Affiliate Network and helping promote green energy:

  1. Green energy makes economic sense by creating millions of jobs and saving our economy billions, possibly trillions, of dollars!
  2. The environment will thank you. By embracing green energy, we can clean up the air we breathe and reduce the impact fossil fuel-based energy has on our world.
  3. Green energy has a social benefit. Billions of people around the world still have no access to basic electricity. When green energy goes mainstream with economies of scale, everyone will have access to clean, reliable and efficient renewable energy.

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